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IT Science Case Study: How to Get Real-Time Risk Assessments

ThreatMetrix, which uses anonymized data from across 1.4 billion digital user identities to provide businesses with insight into the true digital identity of their customers, needed a way to do this better and faster.
Facebook Medical Record Quest

Social Media Data Regulation Appears Likely After Zuckerberg Testimony

NEWS ANALYSIS: House and Senate lawmakers voiced support for data privacy regulations even after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for mistakes that allowed Cambridge Analytics to gain access to millions of users’ profile data.

Microsoft and C3 IoT Partner to Bring AI to Industrial IoT

The companies will work on AI-enabled IoT solutions delivered by Microsoft's cloud.

#eWEEKchat April 11: Personal Information: Is Anything Secure?

| Updated
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is testifying this week before Congress; the time is right for a chat about personal information security online. Please join us April 11 for an #eWEEKchat about a direct influence on our lives.

Zuckerberg Holds His Own Against Senators' Barrage of Questions

NEWS ANALYSIS: Facebook CEO endured more than five hours of grilling by two Senate committees and generally kept his cool, though he dodged some questions and offered incomplete answers for others. Questioning continues today in Washington, D.C.
IBM skinny mainframe

IBM Slims Down Pair of Mainframes for the Cloud

Big Blue's new "skinny" mainframes are the latest step by the vendor to enable the legacy systems to address emerging modern workloads.
Google Speech-to-Text API update

Google Makes Speech-to-Text API More ‘Business Friendly’

The overhaul of the Cloud Speech-to-Text API is designed to make the technology more business friendly, Google says.

Facebook Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit Following User Data Misuse

Lawsuit claims that Facebook “stood idly by” as a “treasure trove of data” was transferred to third-party Cambridge Analytica, and then used in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.
Daily Video 409

Facebook Tried to Gather Medical Records for ‘Research,’ Report Says VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Report: Facebook sought access to medical records to target pharma ads; Best Buy, Delta, Sears hit by third-party chat widget breach.
Facebook Medical Record Quest

Report: Facebook Sought Access to Medical Records to Target Pharma Ads

NEWS ANALYSIS: While Facebook continues to publicly apologize for massive user privacy breaches, an NBC news report says Facebook sent a physician to major U.S. hospitals seeking access to patient medical records.
Google Renewable Energy Purchases

Google Says Renewable Energy Purchases Exceeded Consumption In 2017

Google's data centers continue to use both renewable and non-renewable energy, but company moving closer to 100 percent clean energy use.

Amazon Advances Cloud Security, Storage Tools at AWS Summit SLIDESHOW

Amazon executives announce a series of new services at the company's annual AWS Summit event, most with an emphasis on security.
Google VPC Logging, Monitoring

Google Introduces Network Logging, Monitoring Tool for Cloud Customers

Google VPC Flow Logs enables near real-time visibility over network traffic flows to for application debugging, capacity planning and security, company says.

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